Designed for high performance and low power consumption, the Ametek Airscrew MP4 range of Mixed Flow fans has non-stall performance and non-overloading power characteristics, together with low noise emission levels. The backward-inclined impeller blades are manufactured in cast aluminium alloy and are particularly suited for use in dusty conditions as the blades remain clean, thus avoiding loss of efficiency. With any fan application the geometry of the individual installation can influence final performance; the details shown here represent results achieved when tested to BS 848 conditions. Of compact robust construction, and manufactured to meet the requirements of Government defence equipment specifications, these units are especially suitable for military vehicle engine-cooling applications. Depending on the complexity of the installation, mounting methods can be adapted to suit individual requirements. With hydraulic, belt or shaft drive options the MP4 range has the flexibility to solve virtually any engine-cooling problem.


Model 305 MP4

Providing Flows from 1.5^3/s to 4.25m^3/s

Model 380 MP4

Providing Flows from 2.5m^3 to 7m^3/s

Model 475 MP4

Providing Flows from 3.5m^3/s to 11m^3/s


AMETEK Rotron Environmental Control System utilizes scalable vapor cycles based design refrigeration technology to cool equipment, personnel or systems below ambient temperature.  Rotron ECS systems utilize robust Rotron fans and blowers to ensure high reliability, a compact footprint and compliance to applicable MIL-STD-810 environmental requirements.  ECS systems are scalable from 77 watts to 12 kW and in all known applications and locations.

Components include temperature sensors, pressure transducers, system harnesses, switches and humidity sensors.


AMETEK Rotron AC and Brushless DC fans provide strong performance and deal with environmental conditions such as shock, vibration, humidity, temperature extremes, salt spray and moisture.

AMETEK blowers have a low speed high flow to 1600 CFM and radial blade high speed low flow to 250 CFM with airmovers that can turn the air direction 90 degrees. Large axial fans flow up to 13.8″ / 350mm diameter and have both rotating impeller and stationary aerodynamic vanes to develop both high flow to 2300 CFM and high pressure where space and weight are at a premium. Mixed Flow axial fans provide high flow to 750 CFM and high pressure, at relatively low noise levels, with good aerodynamic stall resistance, for civil and military aircraft, rotary and fixed wing. Small axial fans 3″ or less have both rotating impeller and stationary aerodynamic vanes to develop pressure for tightly packed electronic box cooling. Suitable applications include military, commercial and aerospace applications.


With AMETEK’s Rotron fan, blower and cooling system or electric heaters a fully managed environment is possible for a variety of applications.  Through sensing technologies the system is able to obtain feedback on the environment and then the system controller activates appropriate components to maintain humidity and air temperature.  The AMETEK Rotron heating and cooling systems can be based on basic cooling and space requirements or can be developed to a specific system specification, meeting MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810 or other regulatory specifications. System designs include military vehicles, shelters/containers, portable units or combined air conditioning and Auxiliary Power Unit Systems


AMETEK offers power conversion devices designed to operate in harsh environments and is suited for specific space or system specifications.  The power conversion option is particularly suitable for military and aerospace applications and uses the company’s experience and internal design to create develop power package electronics to convert available power (AC or DC) to whatever is required by the given load.