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What we do

Our company prides itself on offering our clients a ‘One Stop Shop’.….from goods to install. With over twenty years of experience in the marine industry, we have the knowledge to be able to provide technical advice regarding installations and applications. We have a qualified team of technicians who have many years of practice in a wide range of marine installations including pleasure, commercial and military. Our aim to provide the client with the complete package solution, on time and within their budget. Every job is fully assessed and costed before work is commenced. We provide a detailed quote to the customer outlining the parts required, repairs needed and amount of labour hours. We work with the customer towards a customised installation plan and their list of requirements. We offer an extensive range of marine products to assist in any installation and are more than happy to source particular products should the client require it. Our installation work is of the highest standard and as a quality assured company, McIntyre Equipment’s philosophy is towards continuous improvement including our installations.

Our Examples

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Our Services

  • Engine Packages

    A wide range of diesel engines designed to suit retail, commercial and military applications.

  • Propulsion Systems

    Stern, Shaft and Jet Drive systems to complete every propulsion system

  • Servicing & Rebuilds

    Reliable, efficient and effective technicians to provide onsite field support and inhouse rebuilds

  • Customer Installations

    Experienced technicians providing installations of the highest quality and workmanship.

  • Project Management

    Knowledge and understanding to support large projects with guaranteed outcomes

  • Training & Development

    Customised product training programs for up to date knowledge