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What we do

With over twenty years of marine industry experience, our company specialises in providing innovative application solutions for our customers projects. Often the scale of the customers project is too big for them to manage by themselves and this is where we step in to be of assistance. Our company can offer a project management service that covers start up to finish, ensuring that the customer’s requirements are met on time and within budget. As well as overseeing the projects successful completion, our company can also offer a range of products and services to assist in the outcome. Services offered can be in a consulting or full time capacity as well as for short or long term projects and can be tailored for the customer’s needs.
A fully detailed estimate of services is provided, allowing for the customers input with any changes or unexpected outcomes notified immediately. We specialise in all aspects of vessel requirements including various types of propulsions systems, fuel, cooling and exhaust packages, engine controls, steering systems, data displays and customised engineering systems. As a quality assured company, we continuously work towards improvement in our systems and processes including our project management client service.

Our Examples


Our Services

  • Engine Packages

    A wide range of diesel engines designed to suit retail, commercial and military applications.

  • Propulsion Systems

    Stern, Shaft and Jet Drive systems to complete every propulsion system

  • Servicing & Rebuilds

    Reliable, efficient and effective technicians to provide onsite field support and inhouse rebuilds

  • Customer Installations

    Experienced technicians providing installations of the highest quality and workmanship.

  • Project Management

    Knowledge and understanding to support large projects with guaranteed outcomes

  • Training & Development

    Customised product training programs for up to date knowledge